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How Gourmet Hobs
make hob-top cooking a pleasure

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ready together

6 cooking functions -
from melting to boiling
to frying

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How it takes your cooking up a level


Ever wished you had a sous chef? Now you can! Our special functions help you to manage common tasks like melting, simmering, keeping warm and frying, so that you can do more at once.

French Plaque

If you’ve never cooked with a French Plaque, we have a treat for you. Various intensities of indirect heat mean you can keep pans hot without spoiling.

Sensor cooking

No more boil-overs! A unique sensor system detects and constantly adjusts to guarantee the ideal temperature.

Beauty that
lasts and lasts

Highly durable and with long-lasting shine, the hob looks beautiful in your kitchen. Ixelium on-glass treatment prevents damage while cleaning.

Free your

The dynamic space gives you the room and freedom to express your creativity as you cook across the entire top. A bridge zone provides 18% more space and you can freely move pots and pans of different shapes and sizes.

Ideas to
get your
teeth into

Discover new recipes to feast on, from soups to curries to sorbets. You can search by kitchen tool, meal course or just type in a keyword.

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Artisan quality matched with iconic design

Superior quality that you can see and feel

The art of

From effortless touch control to pre-set temperatures for different methods, you can enjoy the art of cooking. Make every meal a pleasure.

Iconic design

As you’d expect from KitchenAid, the Gourmet Hob is a style statement. A minimalist aesthetic is matched with premium finishing and a choice of flush or standard fit.

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90cm SUPER PREMIUM, flush installation

Gourmet induction hob with a flush fit. Be free to cook with a dynamic surface, 10 cooking zones, French plaque, 6 sous-chef functions.

90cm SUPER PREMIUM, standard installation

Gourmet induction hob with a standard fit. Be free to cook with a dynamic surface, 10 cooking zones, French plaque, 6 sous-chef functions.

Complete the picture

Create the ultimate kitchen by combining a hob with other options

Ovens and microwaves

With chef-inspired functions and exclusive technology, you can achieve professional results.


A breath of fresh air, our state-of-the-art hoods are effective and surprisingly silent.

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