Attachments for pasta

Fusilli, spaghetti, ravioli: making pasta opens up to a world rich of different shapes, texture and names. But every kind of pasta is characterized by one shared truth: it is better when it is home made, following the traditional recipe. With the wide range of Stand Mixer attachments dedicated to pasta your creativity will have no limits. Discover them all!

Pasta-maker and set for cutting pasta

Easily make the perfect home made pasta and cut it into any shape you wish! This set is just going to be your ideal ally.

Attachment for ravioli

Choose the right ingredients, prepare the filling and let our attachment do the rest! It will quickly fill the pasta, helping you to create the perfect ravioli

Attachment for short pasta

Creativity often comes in a precise shape...just as pasta! Cut and work on your short pasta just the way you like, for professional results.

Pasta attachments

Free up some space in your kitchen, while allowing your pasta to dry quickly and evenly! This accessory will become a must-have of your cooking days.

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