Have you ever dreamed of slicing fresh ingredients to perfection, just like a top chef?
With KitchenAid, now you can!

From the Spiralizer, to the Vegetable Slicer and Food Processor, the KitchenAid Stand Mixer attachments allow you to experiment with a variety of techniques and create the results you desire.


With the julienne cut, slice vegetables into identical millimeter strips – perfect for salads.

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The perfect technique for adding a creative spin on your fruit- and veggie-based recipes. Try tasty zucchini noodles for a healthy alternative to pasta!

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If you love minestrone or chopped veggies, this is the perfect slicing method for you!

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Thinly Sliced

The best choice for grilling or stir-frying! Cut the vegetables across the direction in which their fibres grow so they will stay intact during cooking.

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By grating apples, carrots or lemon peels, you can prepare a variety of nutritious cakes and yummy afternoon treats for the kids.

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