Passionate about cooking

Cooking for the people you love is the most tasteful way to show them you care. Choose the right recipe, fetch the ingredients, put on your apron. Start cooking.

Cooking Machines

Job, family, social life... In our hectic days, the multi-tasking ability is essential. Be versatile, be passionate: surprise all with unexpected culinary skills


Dazzle your dinner guests, or just add a touch of style to meal times. Keeping the creativity alive is simpler when your sharpest cooking allies are at hand.


If childhood had a sound, which would it be? Probably the tinkle of the pots, the one that used to woke us up on Sunday mornings. Experience the taste of a feeling.

Cast Iron range

The magic of a big event is in waiting. The magic of a celebrated dish is in the slowness of its preparation. Especially when you have the perfect tools.


"The Difference is in the details". This is more than a claim. This is a mantra. Every passionate maker knows it: the finest quality starts from the smallest things

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