Passionate about fresh and healthy eating

Healthy habits in our days bring a positive attitude towards life itself. Juiced, blended, smoothed. Enjoy more fruits and vegetables the way you most like.

Food Processors

Different cutting styles for several recipees of wellbeing: sliced, diced, minced ingredients become your cut-to-measure healthy must-have. And secret of beauty.


Dream of healthy and unexpectes ingredients mixed together and turned into creamy and velvety textures...enter the creative and colourful realm of Blending.

Hand blenders

Desire for change in the kitchen? For nourishing your eyes with different preparations at the same time? Creativity, speed and freedom are literally in your hand.


A purifying and energetic ritual. A healthy concentrate of nature, nutrients, vitamins. A daring combination of fruit and vegetables' real taste. All in a juice.

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