5KSMFT - 859711577190


Must be used in combination with the 5KSMFGA (food grinder)

5KSMFGA is not included

Dishwasher safe

Think big with a large tray

If you’re a fan of our food grinder accessory or the fruit and vegetable strainer, this is an extra bonus.

Fits the food grinder

This accessory complements the food grinder attachment when you’re dealing with more ingredients.

Make larger quantities

When you’re grinding, mincing or straining, do you have lots of mouths to feed? If you batch cook or cater for guests, this tray is for you.

Easy to clean

This optional tray is dishwasher-safe so there’s less to clean up in the kitchen. Just pop it in the top rack.

Tray for the food strainer

With the fruit and vegetable strainer, an extra attachment, you can create delicious jams and sauces. Just choose your favourite ingredients and leave the peels and pips behind. The large tray will let you feed a larger amount of fruit or vegetables into the strainer.

Sausages for an entire family

Use the large food tray with the sausage stuffer attachment and make enough sausages for the entire family! Bangers and mash, toad in the hole or just a full English - no job is impossible and everyone will get their fill!

Make life easier

Pile up your ingredients when you’re making salsas, jams, sausages, burgers or meatballs.


It’s easier to process large batches of ingredients with your KitchenAid food grinder, fruit and vegetable strainer or sausage stuffer (all sold separately) with this bigger tray. If you like to grind meat, fish and vegetables for homemade burgers, sausages and salsas, or create purées for jams, sauces and baby foods, you’ll find this larger tray a useful addition. This accessory fits neatly on to the following KitchenAid attachments: food grinder, fruit and vegetable strainer and sausage stuffer – all powered by your KitchenAid stand mixer. Read more... It’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning … so start experimenting with your homemade recipes!. Close

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