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Food Grinder

Fruit and Vegetable Strainer


One kit to grind, slice, shred and strain

Say hello to your new sous-chef. This super kit grinds, slices, shreds and strains, leaving you more time to create!

Grind rules

Homemade burger patties? Easy! Combine ingredients to create your ultimate flavour bomb in no time. More of a veggie fan? The grinder attachment is perfect for your next batch of falafel or energy balls.

Slice, slice, baby!

Slice your veggies to accompany your burger in seconds with the slicer/shredder. Tomatoes, cucumbers, onion but also cheese will be tackled by this kit. Stop chopping, start slicing!

Don’t strain yourself…

…strain your fruit and veggies! Make salsas, purées or jams to accompany any dish. Add the flavours and combinations you like and stretch your culinary creativity as far as you can!

Stand your grind

Choose between coarse and fine textures with this new and improved grinder attachment. Just switch the disks for the grind size you need and get started. It’s strong, sturdy and ready for heavy use.

Quickly slice and shred

Whether you need a big pile of grated cheese or some neatly sliced apples, the slicer/shredder part of the kit will do it for you. It can cope with large or small diameter fruits and vegetables. Finished already? Grab two of those cucumber slices … and relax!

Personal strainer

Leave those peels and pips behind and only let through the essential flavours and juices thanks to the fruit and vegetable strainer part of the kit. It finely purées your ingredients for fresh jams, sauces, baby foods and more.


This kit includes 3 essential attachments for your KitchenAid stand mixer: a fruit and vegetable strainer, a food grinder and a shredder/slicer attachment. Combining these three attachments will help you push your creative limits in the kitchen! You can make anything from falafels combining your own choice of ingredients and flavours, to purées and jams as well as beautiful salads. Need some help with your prep? That’s no problem for these attachments! The omnifood kit is all you need to make an entire meal! The grinder will give the perfect texture to your burger patties, the fruit and vegetable strainer will make sure your salsa is peel and pip free and finally the shredder/slicer will get you those perfectly sliced cucumbers and tomatoes in no time! The entire kit is designed to fit all KitchenAid electric stand mixer models so you have a compact and sturdy prep tool on your kitchen counter whenever you need it! The perfect sous-chef.

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