The pleasure of iced coffee never leaves you, wherever you may go

Simply add freshly ground coffee into the stainless steel steeper, fill the premium glass carafe with filtered water, place in the fridge, and brew for at least 12 hours. Once brewed, remove the steeper and twist the tap to dispense your cold brew concentrate. To enjoy, simply combine concentrate with water or milk.

Favorite recipes for cooking
with coffee

Wake me up coffee smoothie!

This Coconut Coffee Smoothie has everything you need for a complete breakfast! This healthy delight will restore your constitution, revive your temperament, and give you the energy to face the day.

Molasses Tonic Cold Brew

Ice-cold coffee with tonic water: enjoy the new cooler trend to drink coffee.

Enjoy cold brew coffee
anywhere you go

Small Footprint

Because of its compact design, it fits neatly where you want on the refrigerator shelf or door. The portable handle and stainless steel tap allow you to enjoy cold brew coffee anywhere you go.

Streamlined Design

Beautiful, streamlined design with glass and stainless steel components to preserve taste, for easy use and cleaning. The Stainless Steel Tap easily dispense the cold brew concentrate from your refrigerator.

Always on tap!

The portable handle and stainless steel tap allow you to enjoy cold brew coffee anywhere you go.

Not only coffee!

From tea to cake. The KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker is perfect for any recipe you're craving.




General Specifications

Model Name 5KCM4212SX

Technical Specifications

Height of the product 175
Width of the product 178
Depth of the product 203
Water capacity 0.8
Height of the packed product 262
Width of the packed product 254
Depth of the packed product 231
Net weight (kg) 2.5
Gross weight (kg) 2.9

Coffee machines

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