One single appliance and so many cooking modes

KitchenAid Cooking Machines are preferred by people who like to experiment. They offer several styles of cooking that can be adapted to any recipe

All in one

Intelligent and practical, they provide exceptional help in the kitchen. Indispensable for anyone who likes to be organised and efficient

Time saving

Welcome to a new reality: less time cooking, more time living.

Easy to use

Simplicity, control and precision meet KitchenAid’s timeless design.
Enjoy culinary creativity at the touch of a button.

Multicooker KitchenAid

Set your menu, start the multi-cooker… and then sit back and relax!

KitchenAid Artisan Cook Proccessor

From boiling, frying, stirring, puréeing and steaming to kneading dough. Now cooking will be a piece of cake, even for a beginner chef

KitchenAid introduces the new food processor accessory kit

For slicing and mincing any ingredient like a pro

Creativity at your fingertips

Discover traditional or creative gourmet recipes, refined and intriguing combinations to bring delicious masterpieces to the table signed by KitchenAid

Passionate about cooking

Cooking for the people you love is the most tasteful way to show them you care. Choose the right recipe, fetch the ingredients, put on your apron. Start cooking.

Cooking machines

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