Food processors

Keen to cut your prep time? Welcome to our range of food processors, which can slice, mash and dice any way you like. Choose one that suits your cooking style and needs … and you won’t look back.

Our food processors can do it all

The most versatile appliance in your kitchen

Chop, mash, whip

Whatever size and consistency you’d like your ingredients, just select the option and go!

Just what you knead

Mix and knead dough using a dough blade. Get ready to smell that freshly baked bread! Mmm.

Fine textures and safe fingers!

Want to shred carrots or grate cheese? Get delicate, fine results without any fuss.

A pleasure to use

Our user-friendly designs include a slip-resistant base and curved-edge comfort handles.

ExactSlice system

The adjustable slicing disc and uniquely-designed sharp blades give precise, accurate results.

Versatile plastic bowls

Our BPA-free plastic bowls come in different sizes, with advanced models having stackable versions.

How food processors make a

You’re in control

Control thickness and texture with different functions and discs. You can select the speed that suits you and pulse to make it just right.

Prep like a pro

Whether you just want to avoid all that chopping and need to purée, knead or mix, it can be done with ease - in no time at all.

Tackle any recipe

Cut prep time on your next culinary adventure

Quinoa & avocado vegetarian hamburgers

Natural fare for vegetarians or vegans. Whiz up the mix for your hamburger patties in the food processor.

Spinach, bacon and
pea quiche

A classic springtime dish filled with veg. Make the light, flaky pastry in the food processor.

Spicy quinoa with aromatic herbs and tofu

A symphony of flavour and colour! The food processor is ideal for grating carrots and red cabbage.

Food processor

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