Tea time has never been so cool

Our new 1.9-litre stovetop kettle has arrived and now you can make your favourite drink just like you used to!

Not just hot water!

Teas and infusions are not all the same. We know it. That's why with our KitchenAid Artisan 1,5L Kettle you can adjust the temperature of the water from 50°C to 100°C, to easily suit your desires and get the best out of your infusion or tea.

Not a common kettle: a memorable design

Efficient, durable and easy to use. But also designed with a modern take on a retro domed shape: our 1.25 L Kettle will be among your most stylish companions.

1.5L 1.7L and 1.25L

KitchenAid kettles are available in different sizes, providing you with a wide range of choice

Nicely warm for delicate green tea or hot for coarse Assam

Teas, fruit and herbal teas. Adjust the temperature range to suit your infusions.

A recipe for every craving

Passionate about coffee and breakfast

The right energy kick to start the day; a moment just for yourself. In these occasions, nothing is as good as a steamy cup of coffee or the warmth of a flavored tea.


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