KitchenAid Vertigo Refrigerators and Wine Cellars


Excellent preservation conditions and flexibility whilist also meeting all your installation requirements: the Vertigo range combines a perfect mix of high technology, professional performances and craftsmanship into every detail.

Maximum freedom of expression

<br /><br />
Double fridge and a single wine cellar or a<br />
fridge-wine cellar combination?<br />
2 or even 3 appliances?<br />
Choose your ideal match: there are no limits!

Designed to meet your every need


Enjoy the sleek look of a product that blends seamlessly with your kitchen cabinery.


Giving you the best of both worlds: fully flush installation combined with the robustness of stainless steel doors.

Free standing

The integrated version can be covered with a stainless steel shell kit to become an elegant, full-metal free standing feature.


Big capacity,
big flexibility

Make more space for your fresh ideas: Vertigo freezers offer ample 460-litre storage capacity, while the wine cellars can hold up to 81 wine bottles.

Build to your preferred

In addition to fulfulling all your preservation needs, the Vertigo range offer you the opportunity to custom design your own kitchen space.

just like your need of space

You can completely reorganise your refrigerator to meet your specific requirements by customising the large multipurpose bottom drawer compartment.

Perfect, from vineyard to glass

Vertigo wine cellars are designed to recreate the typical storage conditions of an underground cellar. Featuring a triple-glazed door they provide an effective barrier against UV rays, while the antivibration system minimises any movement, creating the safest environment for the most delicate bottles. With precision temperature and humidity control, Vertigo’s Preserve & Age compartment for Red Wine is suitable for preserving and ageing fine red wines.

Vertigo Refigerators: distinctive features


The Multi-Temperature Drawer can be used as additional fridge space to give you more room for your freshest ingredients.


Dynamic 0° is a double drawer compartment with a dedicated cooling system and temperature sensors.


It distributes the cold air evenly to guarantee independent ventilation in each compartment and creating the ideal environment for longer food preservation.

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