Tuomas Markunpoika


Tuomas Markunpoika is a young Finnish designer who lives and runs his own practice Studio Markunpoika in Amsterdam. He studied Contextual Design in Design Academy Eindhoven and graduated 2012 with his ‘Engineering Temporality’ collection. The collection consists of furniture aimed to connect design to the human emotional sphere and it was nominated Furniture Design of the Year by London Design Museum in 2013. With Engineering Temporality, he translated his thoughts about temporality and memories into design objects. His main goal is to introduce humanistic and more profound values into the field of design, aiming to create objects that reflect how we are as human beings. In his practice he wants to elevate the functionality of everyday objects by bringing wonder and mystery in his work using various material and mediums of expression. His projects range from industrial design to limited editions and one-off pieces.

People desire to feel experienced and to dream using the whole spectrum of our sensory system and emotional spectrum. Emotions are our greatest chance of originality.
Tuomas Markunpoika

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