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4 colours available, Charcoal


Spiral showerhead

Dosage ladder & Dosage chart

Re-usable gold-tone permanent filter

Programmable warming plate

Make life simpler with delicious drip coffee

Perfect your coffee craft with the ultimate drip coffee maker. It’s easy to make delicious coffee, that’s ready around the clock.

Extract all the flavour

Exceptional flavour is guaranteed with the unique 29-hole spiral shower head. This evenly saturates the coffee grounds.

Stop guessing!

Get the quantities right every time with the handy dosage ladder on the reusable filter and the chart on the water tank. No more guesswork.

Ready day or night

Be in control with a 24-hour program and a simple LCD display. It’s easy to use, with no confusing menus to scroll.

Strong, stronger, strongest

Choose your flavour strength with the help of the variable brew strength selector. Just one button so you can make the coffee your morning mood needs.

No need to wait

Need a cup now? Go for it! The ‘pause and ‘pour’ feature means you can pick up the carafe and pour a cup before brewing is complete.

Different for work or chill days

With the option to set two auto-brew programs, you can have one routine for busy days and another for lazy lie-ins.

Hello good-lookin’!

Bring this handsome appliance into your home. It has a modern and sleek aesthetic which you’ll want to show off. Plus, the spout design of the glass carafe prevents drips and messes for tidy and hassle-free pouring into cups of any size and shape.

Your taste, your mood

Whether you’re feeling bright or having a hard time getting out of bed, our drip coffee maker will have just what you need. You can select the strength and the evenly-dispersed water on your coffee grounds ensures the flavour is just the way you like it.

From AM to PM

Any time is coffee time - whether you need a strong cup in the morning or a gentle decaf drip blend in the evening. It’s no hassle to take a break and enjoy a “just you” moment.

What’s in the box?

What’s in the box?

1.7 L carafe with unique pour spout design and lid

Hassle-free pouring into any size cup with our specially designed carafe.

Unique 29-hole shower head

Ideal for evenly saturating coffee grounds so bitter coffee is a thing of the past!

Reusable gold-tone permanent filter with dosage ladder

Know exactly how much coffee you need for the flavour you want. This filter has a dosage ladder which guides you in making your coffee perfect.

Removable water tank with dosage chart

Remove the water tank to easily fill it up again. The dosage chart helps you find out exactly how much water you need for the amount of coffee you are making.



The KitchenAid 12 cup Drip Coffee Maker allows you to brew delicious coffee, every time. Designed to help you perfect your coffee craft with the flavour and aroma you prefer, this coffee machine makes the art of making a good cup of coffee simple and easy. The unique 29-hole Spiral Showerhead evenly saturates coffee grounds for optimal extraction, producing an exceptionally flavorful cup of coffee. The variable brew strength selector allows you to choose between regular and bold strengths, for just the way you like it. Read more... Take the guesswork out of the coffee brewing process with the Dosage Ladder on the reusable gold tone filter and the Dosage Chart on the water tank, for consistently flavorful results. The unique spout design of the glass carafe prevents drips and messes for hassle-free pouring into cups of any size and shape. With this drip coffee machine you can brew whenever it suits you, with two auto programming options so your coffee can be ready and waiting for you at any time of the day. The ‘pause and ‘pour’ feature means you can pour yourself a cup of coffee before brewing is complete and the programmable warming plate keeps your coffee at a regulated temperature of your choosing for up to 40 minutes. Perfect if you need some extra time in the morning. Designed with a modern and sleek aesthetic, the KitchenAid Drip Coffee Maker is a perfect countertop showpiece. Why not combine it with our Design Collection toaster for the latest features to enjoy at breakfast time?. Close


General Specifications

Model Name 5KCM1209

Technical Specifications

Current (A) 4,8
Connection rating (W) 1100
Voltage (V) 220-240
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Height of the product 364
Width of the product 182
Depth of the product 340
Water capacity 1.7
Height of the packed product 437
Width of the packed product 249
Warming Warming tray
Depth of the packed product 404
Net weight (kg) 3.3
Gross weight (kg) 4.4

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