What’s that lovely smell?
Anything you’d like to toast …


What is life without a nice, warm piece of toast topped with melted salty butter?
Whether you like it barely done or dark and crispy, you can please yourself.

Grilled sandwiches

Grilled sandwiches fit into the extra wide slots for a quick lunch with fresh ingredients. Experiment with fillings, but we like ours cheesy!


Sesame bagel, onion bagel, everything bagel. Our bagel setting makes sure it won’t burn on one side, and you’re all ready to spread the cream cheese!

How do you use yours?
What to consider

Slice bread to make toast?

Our toasters have bigger slots for artisan breads, so you can toast normal slices or thick, rustic bread. Hello sourdough toast!

Bagels or crumpets?

The slots are completely adjustable so toasting bagels or crumpets will not be a problem for these toasters!

Prefer baguettes?

The long slots are ideal for toasting longer breads such as baguettes. Because who doesn’t love a toasted sub for lunch?

Peek and pop!

With the high-lift function, you can take a sneaky look at how your toast is coming along. Want to pop it early? No problem.

Need to defrost?

Defrost your slices of bread in no time in our toasters. Just choose the defrost program and you’re all set!

Busy mornings?

If people are buzzing around wanting to toast at different times, that’s fine. The independent slot function means you can push down another whenever you like.

How to choose

If you’re still unsure, pick a toaster depending on your lifestyle.

or daily use?

Whether you reach for the toaster every morning or only have crumpets on Sundays, we have the right model to suit you.

For a big or a
small household?

Choose between 2 slice toasters or 4 slice toasters depending on how many mouths you have to feed at the same time. No more fighting for the first piece!

What’s your

Mix and match to complement the look of your kitchen. Our Design Collection toasters match our kettles and look sleek and stylish on your countertop.

Combine your beautiful toaster
with a matching kettle


Passionate about breakfast

Start the day in style


Need a lovely cup of tea or coffee to go with that toasted slice? Look no further.

Coffee machines

For coffee lovers, we’ve found a way to brew the perfect cup - exactly how you like it.


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