Coffee machines

KitchenAid coffee products help you brew the perfect cup of coffee every time. Our coffee appliances are designed to bring out rich, bold flavors so you can brew café-quality coffee at home. Life tastes better with coffee.

A coffee maker for everyone

A coffee machine for each moment

Wake up to
the smell of coffee

What better way to start your day than with a cosy mug of coffee? Go for a pour-over or French press style, or treat yourself to a drip-coffee maker that can be programmed to be ready with your alarm.

A pick-me-up
when you need it

When you run out of energy, espresso could be the answer! Choose a coffee machine that can come to the rescue with a speedy shot.

Time to chill
with cold brew

Feeling lazy? Try cold brew! This method is popular because it’s always on tap. You’ll get a rich, smooth, full-bodied flavour to enjoy whenever you like.

Find the right one for you

Be a home

Control the water for your coffee with the digital precision kettle. You can select the exact temperature and pour with its unique spout for a consistent and even flow.


Coffee machines

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