Cafetières électriques

Les appareils KitchenAid pour le café vous aident à toujours faire de l’excellent café. Nos cafetières sont conçues pour exalter les arômes riches et corsés, pour que vous puissiez vous préparer un café « comme au café » chez vous.

A coffee maker for everyone

A coffee machine for each moment

Wake up to
the smell of coffee

What better way to start your day than with a cosy mug of coffee? Go for a pour-over or French press style, or treat yourself to a drip-coffee maker that can be programmed to be ready with your alarm.

A pick-me-up
when you need it

When you run out of energy, espresso could be the answer! Choose a coffee machine that can come to the rescue with a speedy shot.

Time to chill
with cold brew

Feeling lazy? Try cold brew! This method is popular because it’s always on tap. You’ll get a rich, smooth, full-bodied flavour to enjoy whenever you like.

Find the right one for you

Be a home

Control the water for your coffee with the digital precision kettle. You can select the exact temperature and pour with its unique spout for a consistent and even flow.


Machines à café

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