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With an iconic stand mixer in your life, you've opened up a world of possibilities. This strong and versatile tool will support you in the kitchen. See what you can do and discover all the exciting attachments. Let's go ...

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Get to know your mixer

Your new mixer comes with included accessories for different needs; you can mix, whisk
and knead. Try these recipes to get started:

The whisk accessory

Whip up light mixtures with the wire whisk to incorporate lots of air.

  • Meringue
  • Whipped cream
  • Sauces
  • Pancakes

The paddle attachment

Thoroughly mix normal to heavy mixtures with this sturdy beater.

  • Mashed potato
  • Cake batter
  • Cookie batter
  • Shredded meat

The dough hook accessory

Easily mix and knead yeast dough and then cleanly lift it out of the bowl.

  • Bread dough
  • Pasta dough
  • Pizza bases
  • Sourdough



Speed ahead and reach perfection

You have a wide range of speed options on your stand mixer. This puts you in control,
from slow stirring to kneading, beating and whipping.

Speed 1

For slow stirring, combining, mashing, and starting all mixing procedures. Use to add flour and dry ingredients to batter, and to add liquids to dry ingredients. Do not use Speed 1 to mix or knead yeast doughs.

Speed 2

For slow mixing, mashing, and faster stirring. Mix and knead yeast doughs, heavy batters and candies, start mashing potatoes or other vegetables, cut shortening into flour and mix thin or splashy batters. (Do not exceed speed 2 when kneading or you may damage the mixer).

Speed 4

For mixing semi-heavy batters, such as cookies. Use to combine sugar and shortening and to add sugar to egg whites for meringues. Medium speed for cake mixes.

Speed 6

For medium-fast beating (creaming) or whipping. Use to finish mixing cake, doughnut, and other batters. High speed for cake mixes.

Speed 8

For whipping cream, egg whites, and boiled frostings.

Speed 10

For whipping small amounts of cream, egg whites, or for the final whipping of mashed potatoes.

Do even more with attachments

While your stand mixer is already versatile, it's also a hub for lots of attachments. Plug them in to broaden your repertoire. You might surprise yourself.

Fresh preparations

Get creative with colourful fruits and vegetables. You can spiralize, core and sheet as well as squeezing and straining for jams and juices.

Making from scratch

Control the results by grinding your own grain. Try our hands-free baking tool or create frozen treats.

Fresh pastas

Made some gorgeous pasta dough? Roll, cut or shape it with professional quality tools.

Meats and more

Process veggies, fish, meats, herbs and other ingredients into tasty burgers, sausages or pastes.

Need an extra bowl?

There's a bowl for everyone. Choose from stainless steel to floral ceramics in a size and shape that suits you.


Share your first recipe experience with us

Enjoy making your first creation with a mixer. Why not take a photo and tell us about it? We'd love to see it. Here are few ideas:

◦ Recipe of bread
◦ Recipe of pizza
◦ Recipe of muffins
◦ ...


Make your kitchen unique

Express your style with personal touches and perfectly matching sets. From cool classics
to trendy dark hues, you can make a statement.

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Lots of people name their beloved KitchenAid mixer. We've heard of Gloria, Red Devil, Dotty, Klaus and Brutus. Tell us .. what's yours?

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