What’s in the box?

Everything you need to mix, knead and whisk your way to delicious sweet and savoury creations.
Blossom mixer will help you grow as a maker.

What’s in the box?

Mixer body

This iconic stand mixer’s sturdy and elegant body houses its powerful motor in the mixer head, and is made with die-cast metal, making it as durable as it is timeless.

4.7 L hammered copper bowl

The contemporary hammered copper bowl will develop a beautiful and unique patina over time. It has pot-style handles and a food-safe stainless steel interior. For the best results, hand wash and dry thoroughly after use. Either let it age or keep it shiny with polishing.

Stainless steel wire whisk

The wire whisk has an elliptical-shaped design to maximise bowl coverage. It allows for small or large capacity whisking to incorporate air into ingredients. Its stainless steel construction makes it dishwasher-safe.

Stainless steel dough hook

The dough hook is used for mixing and kneading yeast dough, such as bread, pizza and pasta dough. Dishwasher-safe.

Stainless steel flat beater

The paddle (also called a "flat beater") is used for heavy mixtures, like cakes, frostings and mash. Made of stainless steel. Dishwasher-safe.

Stainless steel pastry beater

A beater specifically designed for the challenging task of cutting cold butter into doughs, allowing for consistently light and flaky pastries.


Handy tool for easy cleaning of the pastry beater or to scrape the bowl.


Let your creativity flourish with the Blossom mixer

The Mixer Design Series 4.7L Blossom - Artisan has it all. A soft thyme green colour with beautiful botanical touches, a hammered copper bowl with food-safe interior, and solid stainless steel accessories to whip, cut in butter, beat, stir, knead or mash. Grow your skills and savour each moment.

Do it differently with our Design Series

Want something special? KitchenAid Design Series stand mixers blur the line between appliance and art through unique colours, finish, textures and materials, giving you limitless potential to express yourself creatively.
Inspired by aromatic herbs and edible flowers, this lush thyme-green Blossom mixer has a unique trimband, hub cover, and a stunning copper bowl. The bowl will naturally darken over time as it develops a unique patina, reflecting your growth as a maker. You can either enjoy its aged finish, or keep it polished and bright — always knowing that the stainless steel interior is easy to clean and food-safe. Complement the look in your kitchen space and let it inspire you every day.

Planetary action for impressive mixing

The KitchenAid stand mixer was the first home mixer to have ‘planetary action’. This means the shaft of the mixer rotates in one direction, while the attachment rotates in the other, giving a fast, thorough mix. The beater spirals to at least 59 touchpoints around the bowl, so everything you throw in will be fully mixed in - nothing is missed.
From mixing cake batter to whisking up whipping cream or even kneading pasta dough, select your accessory and choose your speed, from 1 for a gentle stir, to 6 for beating and creaming, and up to 10 for fast whipping. In fact, you can whip cream in less than 60 seconds (1). Easy!

Pastry beater and other stainless steel tools

This popular tilt-head stand mixer comes with a special stainless steel beater that’s ideal for making delicious pastry. With its horizontal bars, you can cut in butter straight from the fridge for flaky pastry.
Or, swap it for the other stainless steel tools to make anything you fancy. The whisk is for aerating, the dough hook for kneading, and regular flat beater for mixing and shredding heavier ingredients like cake mix, mashed potato or cooked chicken into a shredded consistency.

So… how much can you make?

In the copper bowl of your Design Series 4.7 L tilt-head mixer, you can make small to large quantities to feed several people and even make extra when you’re batch cooking.
This medium-sized mixer kneads up to 2 kg of dough, whips 1 L of whipped cream, or mixes 9 dozen cookies (3) in a single batch. That’s plenty to go around when you’re enjoying family time in the kitchen or entertaining friends. There’s no such thing as too many cookies, after all.

A natural beauty that last and lasts

Strength and beauty go hand in hand with this exquisite KitchenAid mixer. Like all our mixers, it's made from tough materials, combining over 100 years of engineering expertise. Its die-cast metal body means it's solid and sturdy; even the knobs are made of metal.
It feels reassuringly sturdy and stable enough for even those heavy mixtures. Breathe easy with the peace of mind of our 5-year guarantee.

Thrive as a maker with optional attachments

Create any dish you’ve ever read about or dreamt up – from falafel to citrus jams to your own take on veggie noodles. Simply plug the optional attachments into the multipurpose hub at the front of your mixer and you’re ready to go.
Choose from a variety of versatile attachments to make everything from fresh pasta to diced salads, burgers, sausages, jams and sorbet. The power hub attachments fit every stand mixer model made since 1919. The only question is: where will you start?


Mixer Design Series 4. 7 L Blossom - Artisan is an iconic tilt-head KitchenAid stand mixer in a unique soft thyme green colour with a hammered copper bowl. Its solid design makes it an extension of your hands, allowing you to express yourself with confidence. The motor is quiet and long lasting and the original planetary action provides fast and thorough mixing, touching the bowl at 59 points per rotation. This stand mixer comes with a 4. 7 L copper bowl with a food-safe stainless steel interior. It will develop its own unique patina over time, or can be polished, depending on your preference. Read more... The mixer comes with a solid stainless steel whisk, dough hook, flat beater and pastry beater. As you develop and grow as a maker, there are lots of exciting optional attachments (sold separately) that you can plug into the multipurpose attachment hub. Choose anything from a pasta cutter to a food grinder, vegetable sheet cutter or grain mill, to unleash your creativity. Close


General Specifications

Model Name 5KSM180LE

Technical Specifications

Wattage (W) 300
Motor type AC (Alternating current)
Current (A) 0,2
Voltage (V) 220-240
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Electrical connection rating (W) 300
Max. mass of mix bowl for flour 1
Body material Die-cast
Length of electrical supply cord (cm) 106
Height of the product 360
Width of the product 240
Depth of the product 370
Height of the packed product 413
Width of the packed product 406
Depth of the packed product 273
Material of mixing bowl Stainless steel
Net weight (kg) 11.97
Gross weight (kg) 12.75
Bread dough (stiff yeast dough = 55% Absorbtion ratio) 2
Mashed potatoes 1.5
Cookies (standard 5.1 cm - 2 inch cookie) 108
Plug type Euro


Included accessories yes

Stand mixer

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You can find general conditions of the legal and contractual guarantee in the pdf document that you can download from here.


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